Finding an Advocate for Your Employees’ Healthcare

Are your staff members struggling with finding the right responses to employee benefits questions? It can often feel as though there’s an overwhelming amount of information, and you may not know how to cull down to the details that can be shared with your staff. Creating a proactive approach to employee benefits starts with having a good relationship between HR departments and staff members, so employees feel comfortable coming to you with questions. Part of that happens because of the ongoing ability of human resources professionals to provide solid, trusted resources and responses to common questions. In this way, your team can truly become an advocate for your employees’ healthcare.  Continue reading “Finding an Advocate for Your Employees’ Healthcare”

4 Tips to Reduce Benefits Costs While Increasing Value

The rising costs associated with providing healthcare benefits is one of the biggest concerns for today’s employers, and for good reason. According to Kiplinger, 2019 marks the sixth year in a row of significant healthcare cost increases — and healthcare costs are up a whopping 5% this year over last year. The costs are projected to rise again which can have employers wondering where they can make cuts to keep healthcare costs in line with revenue. These four tips will help you reduce the overall cost of healthcare for your business through simple suggestions such as expanding flexible contributions without a negative impact to your staff members. Continue reading “4 Tips to Reduce Benefits Costs While Increasing Value”

6 New Ways to Pay for Employee Benefits

How do you acquire the best talent? With the best benefits. Not every business can be competitive in terms of salary, but salary isn’t the only thing that employees look at. As a cost-conscious employer, you need to find affordable new ways to offer your employees the best benefits — and there are a lot of things you can try.  Continue reading “6 New Ways to Pay for Employee Benefits”

Which Employee Benefits are the Best Value?

Top talent in today’s job market value an excellent employee benefits package over a higher salary even. In fact, according to Glassdoor’s 2017 Employment Confidence Survey, nearly 80 percent of workers would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase. Among Millennials (18 to 34), a staggering 90 percent claimed they would prefer benefits over a pay raise. Recent data from a number of additional sources seem to confirm this trend toward prioritizing benefits, but how can employers offer a competitive benefits package that delivers value to the company itself? Continue reading “Which Employee Benefits are the Best Value?”

Open Enrollment Best Practices

The open enrollment period for benefits is not always met with much interest. There are some employees who will ignore it altogether while others wait until the last minutes then scramble madly to make a choice. It isn’t always easy to help employees get the right plan, but it isn’t impossible. These open enrollment best practices make the process a little less painful and a lot more proactive so that all your employees have the coverage that they need. Continue reading “Open Enrollment Best Practices”

5 Ways to Attract the Right Employees

Attracting top talent is a challenge that all organizations face from time to time. Some may experience an influx of interest from talent that is not relevant to the company needs while others simply do not attract any quality talent at all. It is an ongoing struggle for most businesses to attract employees that not only meet the qualifications of the job description but are also high quality and likely to remain with the company for years to come.

Many organizations have found these best practices for attracting the right employees to be very effective in their hiring efforts. Continue reading “5 Ways to Attract the Right Employees”

Lowering Costs Through Benefits Contribution

Today’s competitive staffing environment means employees have choices when it comes to their employer, and small businesses are increasingly looking to advanced benefits offerings to become more attractive to employees. It’s not unusual for healthcare to form the greatest part of the cost of providing benefits, creating a tension between businesses and staff members each year during the benefits renewal season. With the rising costs of healthcare, it’s crucial that organizations look for ways to reduce their benefits contributions — without losing benefits that are important to retain top talent within the organization. Businesses are increasingly turning to defined contributions as a way to lower healthcare costs without sacrificing a great deal of the benefits that employees expect. Continue reading “Lowering Costs Through Benefits Contribution”

How to Streamline the Process of Switching Benefits Plans

Does the idea of switching employee benefits plans give you a whole body shudder and make you want to take a vacation — for a year? While making a swap in your benefits coverage may have been problematic in the past, this time you’re going to be fully prepared for all the questions. Your team will have the tools and information that they need to be successful. Everything is going to go off without a hitch. Why? Because you’ve planned ahead, communicated all the changes, fully understand any system challenges and have a strong team ready to support you at each step of the process. Here’s how you can truly streamline the process of switching your employee benefits plans. Continue reading “How to Streamline the Process of Switching Benefits Plans”

4 Reasons Employees Aren’t Happy With Their Benefits

As an HR professional, you work hard to ensure that your organization treats employees fairly. That includes getting creative with the employee benefits that you’re offering, such as finding ways to maintain the value of your benefits without adding a great deal of additional cost for the business. All too often, cost-cutting measures can end up costing the organization more than they realize — it can cost a business their best employees. Other than great leadership and advancement opportunities, one of the most compelling reasons people stay with an organization is due to the exceptional benefits that are offered. While not every organization can offer pet cloning or onsite massages, there are other ways you can entice staff members to stay around for the long run as long as you’re listening and understand their needs. Here are four reasons employees state they are unhappy with their benefits, and how to avoid these pitfalls. Continue reading “4 Reasons Employees Aren’t Happy With Their Benefits”