5 Ways to Attract the Right Employees

Attracting top talent is a challenge that all organizations face from time to time. Some may experience an influx of interest from talent that is not relevant to the company needs while others simply do not attract any quality talent at all. It is an ongoing struggle for most businesses to attract employees that not only meet the qualifications of the job description but are also high quality and likely to remain with the company for years to come.

Many organizations have found these best practices for attracting the right employees to be very effective in their hiring efforts.

1. Take Your Leaders From Managers to Mentors

Rounding out leadership so that they fulfill both the management aspect as well as the leader aspect of their role is not always easy. This is because not all managers have a natural instinct to lead, inspire, nurture, and grow their employees. In ideal environments, a leader is both manager and mentor, but it may have to be learned. And that’s OK.

Use internal and external leadership training methods to mold your managers into mentors so you get the best of both worlds. Provide incentives and give your leadership room to work with employees, helping them advance professionally and become the best versions of themselves. This is something that does not happen overnight, but when your organization becomes known for its mentoring program and strong leadership, top talent will take notice.

2. Develop a Competitive Employee Benefits Package

Employees will often accept a job that has lower pay but offers a strong benefits package. In fact, according to a recent study, 55% of employees feel this way. When recruiting top talent, a robust benefits program can be your ace in the hole.

The report also shows that 34% of employees say that a better benefits package would keep them in their job while 26% said that they have left a job or rejected an offer because the benefits were inadequate.

Benefits programs are important. That’s what employees want, and smart companies are doing all they can to offer the best employee benefits possible.



3. Ask Your Employees for Referrals

Your employees are your own built-in connection chain. Employee referrals are not a new method for attracting new talent but if you haven’t tapped into it, you should. Your employees are often networking and moving in industry-specific circles that provide them with unique opportunities to connect with relevant, quality talent. Offer a referral perk or bonus to employees who refer new talent that gets hired.

You can also give each employee some recruitment cards to carry with them. When they meet a potential candidate that they feel would be a great fit for your company they can give them a card and direct them to your hiring manager.

4. Give Your Employees Room for Growth

Very few employees are interested in a dead-end career. Very few people are satisfied to stay in the same job doing the same thing for twenty or thirty years. Upward mobility is highly sought after by many employees so give them a way to move up, expand their skillsets, and advance in your organization.

Leadership training for qualified or interested employees is a great recruitment tool. Providing employees the opportunity to move up into a position that has more responsibility is often very attractive. If it pays more, that’s even better.

5. Cultivate an Organizational Culture That Promotes a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has become increasingly sought after in recent years. Employees don’t want to sit chained to a desk for hours on end, missing out on family time and life in general. They crave balance and that’s a good thing. Employees who have a good work-life balance are happier and healthier than those who don’t. You can incorporate wellness programs into your employee benefits package and provide incentives for self-care. Letting prospective employees know that you support an organizational culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance will make your company all the more attractive to high-quality employees.

Attracting top talent is an art and there is not a single formula that works across all organizations. You have to carefully structure your perks and benefits so that they are tailored to the employees you have and the employees you want. How do you attract top talent to your organization?

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