4 Reasons Employees Aren’t Happy With Their Benefits

As an HR professional, you work hard to ensure that your organization treats employees fairly. That includes getting creative with the employee benefits that you’re offering, such as finding ways to maintain the value of your benefits without adding a great deal of additional cost for the business. All too often, cost-cutting measures can end up costing the organization more than they realize — it can cost a business their best employees. Other than great leadership and advancement opportunities, one of the most compelling reasons people stay with an organization is due to the exceptional benefits that are offered. While not every organization can offer pet cloning or onsite massages, there are other ways you can entice staff members to stay around for the long run as long as you’re listening and understand their needs. Here are four reasons employees state they are unhappy with their benefits, and how to avoid these pitfalls.

1. Employee Benefits Are Too Old School

Expensive healthcare and limited vacation days, lack of sick days or personal days, no options for flexible hours . . . if your organization is still stuck in this rut, it may be time for a revamp of your employee benefits offering. Younger people in the workforce are looking for flexible ways to meet the needs of the business while also leaving time to enjoy life. Millennials are looking for different kinds of benefits, such as student loan repayment or exceptional retirement plans. There are a lot of cliches that younger workers want ping pong in the workplace and casual wear every day, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Some organizations have taken this to the next level with benefits such as pet cloning for grieving pet parents, new ways to approach healthcare spending, onsite childcare or childcare reimbursement and more.

2. Incomplete Wellness Benefits

Gamification of wellness benefits is alive and “well”, and can be a compelling offering to individuals to entice them to join your organization. Co-workers enjoy friendly competitions that count their steps and reward with prizes, which also has the positive benefit of encouraging better health. Wellness offerings also can encompass reimbursements for healthy eating plans, massage therapy, and chiropractic care — all of which are appreciated by over-stressed staff members. Simply providing individuals with a lunchtime weight loss meeting may not be enough. Look for ways to incorporate wellness initiatives into the DNA of your organization.



3. Lack of Parental Leave Options

As more fathers become involved in childcare than ever before, it’s crucial that your parental leave options take into account families that are not exactly what you might consider traditional. Parental leave should include paternity as well as maternity options, as well as provide time off for adoption. This helps break down the structure of barriers for families of all sizes and types. Paid parental leave is a hot-button topic, but consider paid leave for caregivers, too. Caring for family members doesn’t necessarily mean children: there are millions of aging Americans who will also need care from their adult children who are still in the workforce.

4. Inability to Work Remotely or With Modified Hours

Flexible working hours is one of the most requested benefits, but it may not work for every business or even every team within a business. Offering flexible working hours and locations can be an exceptional perk, especially when you consider that employees can be commuting two or more hours each day. Getting this additional time back in productivity or even returning it to the worker can pay off in reduced stress levels, better productivity, enhanced positive attitude and more. When you look for ways to offer modified hours, remote work or other flexibility in scheduling, be sure that it’s being applied as fairly as possible across the organization. Not only can this help the worker, but if you’re able to reduce the load on your building, you could realize significant savings in terms of the operational costs of your business as well.

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